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Android App Development

Android is the fastest growing operating system in the world of smartphones. With every update release, it gets better and competitive. Over the years, Android has been successful in occupying the larger part of the mobile phone market with its prominent and versatile software. We develop flexible and user friendly mobile applications that fit your business requirements. Our expert mobile app developers at Aahan Technologies are well-versed with the latest technology and are constantly up-to-date with the most recent developments in Android operating system.

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Android App Development Work

On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

The client wanted us to develop an e-commerce website – targeted especially for Women; with a variety of product categories, broadly - Apparels, Shoes and Accessories. One of the basic fundamentals was to empower user experience by providing ‘Filter’ the product via Category & Color variant. The main challenge was to display all the product of Main category in page with list of all sub category as "Category Group Title".

Online Food Delivery App

Restro is an online food delivery system. We have created a powerful admin panel from where admin can manage full system and vendor panel so vendor can also see order and dispatch them. Foodie includes Website, Mobile app, Vendor and Admin Panel.

E-Commerce Development

On Demand Taxi App

Social Media App

We have a ready solutions for your on demand taxi app. This Taxi app available for Driver and Passenger with a powerful admin panel from where you can manage all trips and subscriptions.
What we will provide
1. Driver App
2. Passenger App
3. Admin Panel
4. Website